Ariele Alasko (6)

Ariele Alasko – ‘I’m a builder, a fixer, and a do-it-yourselfer. My favorite things in life are big tools, old wood, good pasta, and finding great materials in a dumpster.’

Ariele Alasko (7)

She was grew up in California, currently based in New York. Ariele Alasko studied as a sculptor in New York art school. And she is in love with the grungy part of Brooklyn. Ariele has always had a propensity for making sculptures that fit into houses and then decided to build reclaimed furniture.

‘It felt great to start making things that people needed, wanted, and could use in their daily lives. I finally felt… useful!’

Ariele Alasko (9)

She began to build furniture, just small things at first, tabletops and then some cutting boards. For six months she worked in a 100 square foot space fit right in between the living room and the kitchen. Now she moved to bigger space – her current studio.

‘This small space suited me just fine for a while, and it felt great to be doing something unusual in an unusual space.’